The Best Beginner Guitar Lessons And They’re Free!

WELCOME TO BESTBEGINNERGUITARLESSONS.COM … My name is Sam Lyons. So you have a guitar and are ready to learn how to play? My Beginner Guitar Course is the best anywhere and its totally free. Really! I have taught 1,000s of students of all ages from all over the world how to play the guitar and I am glad to have this opportunity to be able to teach you how to play guitar. I recommend you follow each lesson in the order shown below:

01. Common Questions About Learning Guitar
02. Parts Of The Guitar
03. Guitar Accessories You May Need
04. How To Tune Your Guitar
05. Tips On Choosing A Guitar,
06. How To Play The C Chord
07. How To Play G7 Chord,
08. How To Strum C And G7 Chords,
09. How To Play F Chord,
10. How To Change Guitar Chords Quickly,
11. How To Play The G Chord,
12. Playing Your First Song ,
13. How to play strumming patterns on guitar,
14. How to play rhythm guitar
15. How to play the D chord on guitar,
16. How to play the A chord on guitar,
17. Proper finger placement and body posture on guitar,
18. How to play the E chord on guitar,
19. How to play A7 chord on guitar,
20. How to play D7 chord on guitar,
21. How to play Am (Minor) chord on guitar,
22. How to play the C7 chord on guitar,
23. How to play I’m so lonesome I could cry – Hank Williams,
24. How to play Em (Minor) chord on guitar,
25. Playing guitar chords inside the box,
26. How to play the E7 chord on the guitar (3 Different Ways),
27. Boogie Woogie guitar lesson,
28. How to play major chords on guitar,
29. House of the rising sun chords,
30. Knuckle technique helps you play guitar chords easily,
31. Amazing grace chords and lyrics,
32. How to string a guitar,
33. Online metronome for practicing your speed on guitar,
34. G-C-D7 guitar chords made easy,
35. Happy birthday to you song with chords,
36. Learn “You Are My Sunshine” on guitar,
37. Playing the C and G7 chords with one finger,
38. Playing G and Em (minor) chords on guitar easy one finger technique

Student Testimonials – What a few of my students have to say…

Hi Sam: I would like to thank you for all the information you have shared with me and to other beginner guitar lessons. I’m originally from Middle East and English is my second language but I want to Thank you and say to you that really appreciate all you are sharing on your website. I have learned guitar anatomy and my first 5 chords with you and I’m practicing over and over my chords because I want to play my first song soon. Thank you for gaving me the opportunity of meeting a very talent person like your self. Yas

I’m done changing sites now and look forward to learning to play guitar with your guidance. Hi Sam, Just a friendly comment. I decided near the end of last year that I would like to learn to play guitar. I turned 50 and asked my wife to get me a guitar last Christmas. She bought me a Fender CD60CE acoustic electric. I found your website and would like to say thank you first off it is exactly what I have been looking for. I wish I had found it 8 months ago. I had been bouncing around thru at least 5 or 6 different sites. All of which have great information but they have no step by step instruction on how to proceed or practice on any of them. I’m done changing sites now and look forward to learning to play with your guidance. Thank you once again for setting up such a wonderful site. Jim Dobish

Like your style of teaching songs. Hi Sam, thank you very much. Like your style of teaching songs. Very good guitar teacher you are. Pete

Thanks for the lesson Sam! I really enjoy following your lessons with you and learning this material. I just recently picked up a guitar and am finally going to sit down and learn how to play. Cheers! James Muller

You go into a lot of detail… Good video and good writing. I liked the difference you make between practicing and actually playing the guitar. Christine Reed