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01. Common Questions About Learning Guitar

02. Parts Of The Guitar

03. Guitar Accessories You May Need

04. How To Tune Your Guitar

05. Tips On Choosing A Guitar,

06. How To Play The C Chord

07. How To Play G7 Chord,

08. How To Strum C And G7 Chords,

09. How To Play F Chord,

10. How To Change Guitar Chords Quickly,

11. How To Play The G Chord,

12. Playing Your First Song ,

13. How to play strumming patterns on guitar,

14. How to play rhythm guitar

15. How to play the D chord on guitar,

16. How to play the A chord on guitar,

17. Proper finger placement and body posture on guitar,

18. How to play the E chord on guitar,

19. How to play A7 chord on guitar,

20. How to play D7 chord on guitar,

21. How to play Am (Minor) chord on guitar,

22. How to play the C7 chord on guitar,

23. How to play I’m so lonesome I could cry – Hank Williams,

24. How to play Em (Minor) chord on guitar,

25. Playing guitar chords inside the box,

26. How to play the E7 chord on the guitar (3 Different Ways),

27. Boogie Woogie guitar lesson,

28. How to play major chords on guitar,

29. House of the rising sun chords,

30. Knuckle technique helps you play guitar chords easily,

31. Amazing grace chords and lyrics,

32. How to string a guitar,

33. Online metronome for practicing your speed on guitar,

34. G-C-D7 guitar chords made easy,

35. Happy birthday to you song with chords,

36. Learn “You Are My Sunshine” on guitar,

37. Playing the C and G7 chords with one finger,

38. Playing G and Em (minor) chords on guitar easy one finger technique

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…Answered All My Questions… Sam’s lessons have been so helpful to me as an MS patient. He gave me the encouragement I needed to get started and helped me through his support by answering even the questions that I thought sounded silly in my head. Sam is the best and you owe it to yourself to check out his Best Beginner Guitar Lessons. Otherwise you just won’t know what you are missing!Lisa Hammerstein

…I Love The Lay Out Of The Course… I am still going back to pick up on stuff I need to remember , I love the way the course is laid out as I found other courses very dull and sometimes very difficult to follow , I love this course and would recommend it to all who want a simple fun way to learn ! Thanks Sam ! Please keep it coming. John Carvery

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