The Best Beginner Guitar Lessons And They’re Free!

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Learn How to Play Guitar with the Best FREE Online Beginner Guitar Lessons! If you are looking for more of a “one-on-one” style video guitar lessons and more direct, proven, effective, step-by-step method of learning guitar, then you are at the right place.

You now have free full access below to the exact same beginner guitar lessons I have used to teach thousands of students how to play the guitar. Follow each lesson in order shown and be playing guitar and popular songs in no time.

01. Common Questions About Learning Guitar
02. Parts Of The Guitar
03. Guitar Accessories You May Need
04. How To Tune Your Guitar
05. Tips On Choosing A Guitar,
06. How To Play The C Chord
07. How To Play G7 Chord,
08. How To Strum C And G7 Chords,
09. How To Play F Chord,
10. How To Change Guitar Chords Quickly,
11. How To Play The G Chord,
12. Playing Your First Song ,
13. How to play strumming patterns on guitar,
14. How to play rhythm guitar
15. How to play the D chord on guitar,
16. How to play the A chord on guitar,
17. Proper finger placement and body posture on guitar,
18. How to play the E chord on guitar,
19. How to play A7 chord on guitar,
20. How to play D7 chord on guitar,
21. How to play Am (Minor) chord on guitar,
22. How to play the C7 chord on guitar,
23. How to play I’m so lonesome I could cry – Hank Williams,
24. How to play Em (Minor) chord on guitar,
25. Playing guitar chords inside the box,
26. How to play the E7 chord on the guitar (3 Different Ways),
27. Boogie Woogie guitar lesson,
28. How to play major chords on guitar,
29. House of the rising sun chords,
30. Knuckle technique helps you play guitar chords easily,
31. Amazing grace chords and lyrics,
32. How to string a guitar,
33. Online metronome for practicing your speed on guitar,
34. G-C-D7 guitar chords made easy,
35. Happy birthday to you song with chords,
36. Learn “You Are My Sunshine” on guitar,
37. Playing the C and G7 chords with one finger,
38. Playing G and Em (minor) chords on guitar easy one finger technique

I want to tell you about my totally free proven step-by-step beginners guitar lessons Best Beginner Guitar Lessons.

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Learning to play guitar should not be boring and hard, it should be a easy and a lot of fun. Where and how you learn to play the guitar determines how your learning experience and progress will be.

Learning how to play guitar the right way now will make or break your success and you having fun.

Here’s a fact: Stats show more than 65% of all beginning guitar students will give up playing guitar within the next 12 months.

Why is this so? The truth is, they didn’t have the right guitar lessons for beginning guitar players. They become feeling totally frustrated, bored or overwhelmed with learning to play guitar, so they simply give up.

You, are not like them. Why? Because you are here and I have a very good understanding about what you want and more importantly, I know how to deliver it to you the right and proven way.

If you are like most guitar players I know, you want at least one of these things:

* You want beginner guitar lessons that are easy to learn and fun to play.

* You want guitar lessons for beginners that show you the right way to learn, practice and play.

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Not only do you probably want all of those things, but the fact is, if you want to be successful in learning to play guitar then you need all of these things too. You are in the right place here. was created for you with one ultimate goal in mind – to teach you to play the guitar, guide you and help you with every aspect of learning guitar as a beginner.

I’ll be with you through every step of your guitar playing journey and always available
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Get started now by checking out my beginning guitar lessons, articles, tips, videos and other resources that are specifically designed to put you on the right path and keep you there so that you can learn to play guitar the right way, the fun way and the easiest way possible.

You now have full access to my Best Beginner Guitar Lessons for free…Should you have any questions about the lessons along the way, I am always glad to help. Just drop me an email at or click the link in the navi-bar above where it says (Join My Newsletter) and I will personally respond within 48 hours.

Let the journey begin!

Happy Picking,

-Sam Lyons
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