The Best Beginner Guitar Lessons And They’re Free!

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Learn How to Play Guitar with the Best FREE Online Beginner Guitar Lessons! If you are looking for more of a “one-on-one” style video guitar lessons and more direct, proven, effective, step-by-step method of learning guitar, then you are at the right place.

You now have free full access below to the exact same beginner guitar lessons I have used to teach thousands of students how to play the guitar. Follow each lesson in order shown and be playing guitar and popular songs in no time.

01. Common Questions About Learning Guitar
02. Parts Of The Guitar
03. Guitar Accessories You May Need
04. How To Tune Your Guitar
05. Tips On Choosing A Guitar,
06. How To Play The C Chord
07. How To Play G7 Chord,
08. How To Strum C And G7 Chords,
09. How To Play F Chord,
10. How To Change Guitar Chords Quickly,
11. How To Play The G Chord,
12. Playing Your First Song ,
13. How to play strumming patterns on guitar,
14. How to play rhythm guitar
15. How to play the D chord on guitar,
16. How to play the A chord on guitar,
17. Proper finger placement and body posture on guitar,
18. How to play the E chord on guitar,
19. How to play A7 chord on guitar,
20. How to play D7 chord on guitar,
21. How to play Am (Minor) chord on guitar,
22. How to play the C7 chord on guitar,
23. How to play I’m so lonesome I could cry – Hank Williams,
24. How to play Em (Minor) chord on guitar,
25. Playing guitar chords inside the box,
26. How to play the E7 chord on the guitar (3 Different Ways),
27. Boogie Woogie guitar lesson,
28. How to play major chords on guitar,
29. House of the rising sun chords,
30. Knuckle technique helps you play guitar chords easily,
31. Amazing grace chords and lyrics,
32. How to string a guitar,
33. Online metronome for practicing your speed on guitar,
34. G-C-D7 guitar chords made easy,
35. Happy birthday to you song with chords,
36. Learn “You Are My Sunshine” on guitar,
37. Playing the C and G7 chords with one finger,
38. Playing G and Em (minor) chords on guitar easy one finger technique


Have you ever tried to learn guitar from Youtube videos? There are plenty out there, I know. But, honestly, what happens?

Eventually you get stuck – and then you have nowhere to go except to someone else’s videos. So you move to another Youtube teacher and they have another technique altogether.

You always end up frustrated, and you give up, time after time.

The reason for that is simple … It’s impossible to focus when you’re trying to follow multiple teachers because of course there’s no clear direction. No focus.

Imagine a game of “Follow the leader” with six people all being leader at the same time! The result is confusion … followed by no game at all.

Maybe you even paid a guitar teacher, but lessons are expensive, and frankly, most guitar teachers I’ve met start in the middle … meaning the students have a ton of unanswered questions. And because you don’t want to feel stupid asking them … you quit the lessons!

“The Guitar’s Gotta Fit Your Fingers …”

My name is Sam Lyons and my guitar has been a constant companion since I was barely out of short pants. (And I’m a grandfather now.)

I guess I was lucky because there’s music in my family, so I was told right from the start, “The first thing about your guitar is it’s gotta fit your fingers.” That sounds strange, I know, and I didn’t understand at first.

It’s not just about size or shape. It’s to do with the way it feels when you tuck it close to your body, about the way the strings respond to the way you touch them, even the way it smells … Think of it more like a first date!

You know if that chemistry’s right … and I’ve never yet met another guitar teacher who’ll tell you how to pick the right guitar the way I show you.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s not starting in the middle, is it? That’s starting at the start! From there, you’re not just playing tunes … you’re building a relationship with your instrument.

Which means the guitar starts to feel like it’s part of you. And as that transformation happens, you don’t just play tunes any more. You make music. It becomes an extension of you.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to play for friends and family, or in your church choir, or if you’re starting a band or on a journey to be a rock star someday … the love for your music and your unique way of playing will shine through right from the start with the way I’ll teach you.

What I’ll Give You

Think of it as the beginning of a love affair that will last a lifetime.

(Not with me, of course! I mean with your guitar – although I hope we’ll become friends too!)

There are videos so you can see and hear what to do, as well as have my personal explanation of each step. I’ll also include extra playing tips and tricks in some of the videos, so watch out for those nice surprises too.

Here’s just a fraction of what we’ll cover …

• How to choose the right guitar for you and your style of playing
• How to cut through the confusion about all the different guitar types
• How to easily remember the names of the strings
• Different types of chords – major and minor
• What 7th chords are – and when to use them
• Demystifying some of that boring music theory!
• Stuff you DON’T need to know to make good music on the guitar!
• How to use a pick the right way.
• And SO much more …

My goal is to get you from complete beginner to playing in mere weeks. That’s why these lessons are in a particular order – something you’ll never find on Youtube!

Who This Is For

If you have a desire to play guitar, my proven lessons are for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male or female.

And it absolutely doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have talent! The desire, (and a guitar), is all you need.

What If I’m Not Talented?

Nobody asks learner drivers if they think they’re talented enough to drive a car, or a novice swimmer if they have the talent to get in the water without drowning, do they?

Playing guitar is a skill … and if you have the desire to play then my Best Beginner Guitar Lessons will bring the natural talent out of you!

Who This Is NOT For

I want to be quite clear: this is a method for beginners. If you can already play to a reasonable standard, then you don’t need my program.

Why Am I Giving You My Best Beginner Guitar Lessons For Free?

I’m giving you my unique method free for a handful of reasons. I hope you’ll agree with me that they’re good ones …

• First and foremost, making music spreads joy, and if I can be a part of helping more people to do that, I feel I’m making a decent contribution to this troubled world. Teaching guitar is something I’m good at, so why waste my talent?
• Secondly, I know you can go to Youtube and find loads of free videos and I know SO many folks quit the guitar that way, as I’ve already explained. I believe we can never have too many guitarists on this planet, so I’m doing what I can to make that right!
• Finally … and I’m being honest here … maybe you’ll buy some products from me someday – maybe some strings or other guitar accessory, or even one of my more advanced courses! I know the best ones to get and where to find the guitar and music bargains too, so you’ll get a double benefit by knowing me too!

Well, it’s up to you now.

I’ve been frank. a month from now or even sooner, you’ll be playing songs and you’ll be deep into that relationship with your 6 string friend.

Let the journey begin!

Happy Picking,