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Now you can end the frustration of trying to learn guitar and become the guitar player you want to be with my proven, step-by-step, free Best Beginner Guitar Lessons!

I’ve helped thousands of students just like you go from absolute beginner to an accomplished guitarist fast – so you can enjoy playing along with your friends, feel the excitement of playing all your favorite songs, see the delight on your kids faces as you surprise them with songs they love or share your joy of music with the world.

I can help you! My guitar lessons for beginners are the real deal.

You’ll find the beginner guitar lessons here to be some of the best free online guitar lessons available anywhere. Click the green button above to get started…

Meet some of my students!

****I have finally found an instructor who takes u thru step by step, helping u to learn along the way. I really enjoy your down to earth basics of teaching. It keeps me encouraged to keep trying. I have been working with learning for about 2 mths. Its very difficult, but you help me to press forward and not stop trying. Thanks Mr. Sam
Linda Brewer

****Hi Mr. Sam, Thank you so much for offering free lessons online! I just bought a guitar for my four children (and me) and we have watched many youtube videos to learn to play, and we liked yours best! You take the time to really explain things thoroughly, and it is as though you can see us – you already know the mistakes we are making and you help us troubleshoot. Also, with us being from Texas and you being from Louisiana, we appreciate the fact that you do not talk too fast for us to keep up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! **Erin – Texas**

To your guitar playing success,

Sam Lyons
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Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Course