August 2013

Guitar Modes – Basic Theory and Application

Earlier this month I was encouraged to write something about Guitar Modes and their application. There is so much to say when it comes to Guitar Modes that I could probably write an entire book on the subject. However, I have neither the time, nor the inclination for that right now. Instead, I will just […]

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Who Is Bobby Z?

I like to refer to my favorite folk singer as Bobby Z (A.K.A. Bob Dylan) whose real name is Robert Zimmerman. He changed his last name to Dylan (after the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas) very early in his career. One of his most popular songs, Knockin On Heaven’s Door, was written for a movie score […]

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These Top-Rated Guitarists Have Something In Common

Did you know that some of the top-rated guitarists of all time have something in common? That something just happens to be the Blues. As you probably know, the typical 12 Bar Blues guitar format provides an excellent structure for learning how to play lead guitar and improvise over chords. So, it really shouldn’t come […]

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