December 2013

Music and Intelligence

Have you ever wondered if music has any effect on intelligence? Some baby boomers may remember their parents telling them that Rock and Roll would lead to permanent brain damage. But, kidding aside, is it possible that music may have a positive impact on cognitive thinking? Recently I learned about an experiment several scientists conducted […]

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How To Choose A Guitar?

Choosing a guitar is an exciting but sometimes confusing undertaking because of all the variables that you might feel are involved. What brand, what wood, electric or acoustic, what style, size, string-type, color and then what about all the things you don’t know about guitars, right? Let’s simplify the process a bit. Firstly, you probably […]

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Improve Your Guitar Strumming

Strumming the guitar is easy for some, but can be quite difficult for others. Add singing and/or chord changes to the mix and things can get really interesting! It’s like trying to chew gum and walk at the same time. So, what should a person do who is having problems strumming the guitar? – First […]

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