Online Guitar Lessons – Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

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Online Guitar Lessons – Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?
By Marshall Duke

Online guitar lessonsWhen it comes time to learn to read guitar tabs, learn scales and chords, and learn all the things a guitarist needs to know, should you try online guitar lessons? That seems to be a big question for new guitar owners when deciding on how to learn to play.

When comparing live lessons and online guitar lessons, keep this is mind – If you are someone who doesn’t follow through and practice, either type of style to learn to play won’t work for you. People quit trying to learn guitar for many reasons. Some reasons are as basic as, “It hurt my fingers”. Other excuses include statements that learning was just too hard or no time to practice. If any of these statements sound like something you would say, then really think whether you want to pay for guitar lessons, or not.

There area few sites that offer free guitar lessons online, but many of these sites are not going to offer you the complete range of knowledge and discipline that a beginner needs. However, these sites are perfect to just mess around and pick up a few chords.

Live guitar training really has its advantages. Learning by example, from a real person sitting right in front of you can truly enhance the guitar learning experience for many beginners. However, with live training you will need to schedule your time in advance and usually around the teachers schedule. Live guitar lessons are much better suited for those that need someone to hold them accountable for their learning.

Online guitar lessons offer flexibility for your schedule and allow you to learn at your own pace. Learning guitar on the internet held special appeal for me. If I had free time at 3 am, I could go learn guitar tabs or practice chords. When you choose a high-quality training web site, you will be amazed at how much information is available. The videos online are even better than a “live” teacher because you can play them over and over until you get it. I don’t know many live teachers that will say something over and over at 3 am!

Learning to play guitar should be fun – not a chore! Online guitar lessons add fun to learning something new. Be sure to base your decision on your personality, your schedule, and your ability to remain focused. While many beginner guitarists opt for live lessons, more and more are seeing that online guitar lessons are the way to go.

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