“Answered All My Questions…” Sam’s lessons have been so helpful to me as an MS patient. He gave me the encouragement I needed to get started and helped me through his support by answering even the questions that I thought sounded silly in my head. Sam is the best and you owe it to yourself to check out his Best Beginner Guitar Lessons. Otherwise you just won’t know what you are missing!”  Lisa Hammerstein

“I like Sam’s down to earth basics of teaching”… I have finally found an instructor who takes u thru step by step, helping u to learn along the way. I really enjoy your down to earth basics of teaching. It keeps me encouraged to keep trying. You help me to press forward and not stop trying. Thanks Mr. Sam Linda Brewer

“Hi Mr. Sam, Thank you so much for offering free lessons online!” You take the time to really explain things thoroughly, and it is as though you can see us – you already know the mistakes we are making and you help us troubleshoot. Also, with us being from Texas and you being from Louisiana, we appreciate the fact that you do not talk too fast for us to keep up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Erin – Texas

“Making Good Progress”… Hello Sam – I’m a 68 year old man with lot of time on my hands, I work around the house doing minor repairs, spend some time in the garden, but I needed something else. That’s when I decided to start learning to play the guitar. In the past I have sort of played a little bit, if you could call it that. I decided to start learning from scratch and try and do it the right way. I visited several sites, that’s when I came upon your site and I have been following your lessons ever since. I’m doing this for me, and my grandchildren to show them that you can learn at any age. I admit at times I have a hard time, but I put in my 15 minute every day. I have made some good progress, thanks to you. Thanks Sam! Keep up the good work. Luis

“I like your style of teaching”… Thank you Sam. I am just starting to play the guitar. I like your style of teaching.”. Thanks! Regina

“Great Lessons, Excellent Pace, Great Teacher” Sam is excellent in his presentation. I am glad I found this course and am learning a lot already. Thank you Sam for the work you are doing. This is true teaching and like being in a proper class, except its better as its one to one. If you are a complete novice like me, take this course. ‘Tamarau’

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