October 2014

Pentatonic Magic with Chris Rodriguez | Learn & Master Guitar Tips


Here is a great video by Steve Krenz and studio musician Chris Rodriguez. Using a familiar pentatonic scale form in different places on the guitar neck to create some great sounding guitar fills. A great tip from studio musician Chris Rodriguez (guitarist for Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson) and others.

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Changing Keys On Guitar Is Easy With A Guitar Capo

Changing Keys on Guitar Is Easy With a Guitar Capo

By Dale Schmidt

The guitar capo not only gives you a chance to play difficult chords in a much easier way, it lets you change keys without having to use difficult fingerings or learning a bunch of new and difficult chords that you may rarely use.

Capos are a result of guitarists wanting to play in different keys while still using chords (chord shapes) that are familiar to them. Here’s how a capo can help.

Support the singer. There is a difference in the male and female voice when it comes to the range they are comfortable with. Typically, a woman’s voice is about a fourth or fifth higher than a man’s. This means that they will sing the same song in a different key. A song in the key of C for a man will usually work well in the key of F or G for a woman.

Now, let’s say you want to play the same chords (the same chord shapes) because they are easy to play and more importantly, you like the way they sound and they work very well for the song. By placing a capo on the 4th fret, you have raised the song two full steps for the singer. When you play a C chord for example, you are actually playing and E chord. Your F chord is now an A chord and your Am chord becomes a C#m chord.

Not only do capos help place a song in a key a singer is comfortable with, some guitars sound better and are easier to play when using a capo.

Play otherwise difficult chords.If you’re not great at bar chords, it can be tough to play some songs. Chords such as Eb7, G# and Bbm can be a real challenge. But with a capo on the first fret for example, you can play an Eb7 chord with a D7 position, a G# chord with a G position and Bbm chord with an Am position. To the listener, you are playing the chords correctly on pitch and in the correct key. Don’t give to much thought to the fact that you are “cheating.” The goal is to get the job done in the best and most musical way possible.

Get the sound you want. Some songs really require playing chords with certain chord shapes. You can go a lot with a G chord for example that you can’t do with any other chord. If you need to play the song in A, just place the capo on the second fret and you’re all set.

There are a number of different kinds of capos and they attach to the neck of the guitar in different ways. Make sure you get one that’s easy to use and doesn’t cause any strings to play out of tune when attached to your guitar. Place the capo straight down on the strings without bending them. Then start exploring new chords and new sounds!

Dale Schmidt is a guitar teacher in Washington state and the author of Your Private Guitar Teacher. For more information: http://www.yourprivateguitarteacher.com

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