How to Play A7 Chord On Guitar

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Learning to play the A7 chord is really easy. It only involves the first and third fingers and two separate frets.

First, place your first finger flat across the first 4 guitar strings at the second fret. Next, place your third finger on the 1st string, 3rd fret. That’s the A7 chord.

There are several ways you can play this chord, but I prefer this way simply because it sounds the fullest.

As far as to which fingers you use to play this or any other chord on the guitar, it really does not matter. As long as you can play the chord properly with it sounding clean and without any fret buzz, that’s fine.

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Remember, PRACTICE, is the key word. It’s a must!

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Many of you have asked if there is an easier way to play the A7 chord. So I have used this diagram showing you an easier version of playing the A7 on the guitar. Simply take your first finger and place it on the 4th string, second fret, then take your second finger and place it on the 2nd string, second fret.