Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Course – Lesson #5 – Changing Between E and A Chords on Guitar

Changing Between A and E chords

This is the next lesson in my Kickstarter guitar course.  In the last lesson we played the E chord and the A chord. Now we’re going to practice changing chords. Play that E chord, play the A chord, back to the E chord and play the A chord. Now let’s do two strums each, A then to the E, back to A and E, A, E, A and E.

Let’s Add A Very Simple Strum Pattern

Instead of just strumming straight down, we’re going to go down, down, up. On the E chord, down, down, up. Do it now. This is on the A chord, ready, go. Back to the E chord and the A chord. Now we go back and forth. I’ll do one, two full strums, that’s actually four beats. One, two, three, four. That’s four beats. The down, up makes one beat. Then we’re going to switch to the next chord, they’re on the E, ready, go. The A, back to E, and A, E, and A, the E, and then on the A, watch for that.

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