Boogie Woogie Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson video, I will show you to how to start playing Boogie Woogie on the guitar.

First, take your 1st finger and place it on the 5th string 2nd fret. You will be strumming the 5th and 6 strings together.

Then add your 4th finger (little finger) to the 5th string, 4th fret. You will move your 4th finger (little finger) up and down on the 5th string.

Then, once you do this say 4 times, simply move your 1st finger to the 4th string, 2nd fret, and strum your 5th and 4th strings together. Then adding your 4th or little finger to the 4th string, 4th fret, moving it up and down.

Then continue to repeat these steps.

Your now starting to play Boogie Woogie on Guitar.


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