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Learning your first guitar chord on the guitar is very exciting. In this lesson, we are going to be learning how to play the C chord on guitar.

Of course, the standard guitar has 6 individual strings. Starting at the bottom or small string which is the 1st string or little E, next you have the B string or 2nd string, then the G string which is the 3rd string from bottom, D string which is the 4th string, A string which is the 5th string, and finally the top big string the E.

Remember, try and make up a little short saying to help you remember the names of the open guitar strings above starting with the Top String or Big 6th String. A saying I used and recommend is (E)ddy (A)te (D)inner (G)ood (B)oy (E)ddy

In learning the C Chord on the guitar, you will be using the first 3 frets (metal bars) on the fretboard. Take your first finger or index finger and place it on the 2nd string, just behind the first fret, then take your second finger and place it on the 4th string, just behind the 2nd fret, and finally take your third finger and place it on the 5th string just behind the 3rd fret.

Be sure and let your fingers come around the neck as much as possible allowing just the tips of them to touch each string. Most beginners when trying to play their first few guitar chords have some problems with making the strings sound clear. This is a common problem and nothing to worry about. As you begin to spend time practicing, you will find that the sounds of the individual strings will clear up and start sounding clear.

The best way to hold your thumb is to let it rest behind the neck somewhere it feels comfortable to you.

Don’t move on to the next lesson until you are able to play the C chord well. This is the key to learning the right way. Learning each lesson well and then move on to the next.


As I have recommended, PRACTICING each day at a minimum of 15 minutes per day is a must. At first, you will probably develop some finger soreness. This is also common. If your fingers get to where they are really sore, take a day or so off and then get back to your practice routine.

There is a real good product available to help with your finger soreness called Fingerease. You should be able to get it locally at any guitar store. It comes in an spray bottle and costs around $4.

I know you are excited with learning to play your first guitar chord, the C chord.

Let’s go play guitar some more.

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Sam Lyons

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