How to Play the C7 Chord on Guitar

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I am going to show you in this beginner guitar lesson how to play the C7 Chord on guitar.

To play the C7 chord on guitar, first start with the C chord. Then, all you need to do is add the fourth (little finger) to the 3rd string, 3rd fret. That’s it, C7 chord.

So what you have is the 1st finger on the second string, 1st fret, 2nd finger on the fourth string 2nd fret, 3rd finger on the fifth string 3rd fret, and the 4th finger on the third string 3rd fret.

Be sure to practice the C, C7, F, G7 chords in getting ready for out next lesson featuring another song for you to learn.

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Lets go play some mo guitar!
Sam Lyons

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C7 chord on guitar