Most Frequently Asked Questions – Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System

“What if I’m a complete newbie?”

Well, the fact is, if you’re a complete newbie this is perfect for you. I’ve designed the course so it teaches you the basics and everything you need to do to get started, and I’ll take you right through all the things you need to do in a step by step way.


“How long will I take to complete the course?”

There’s a ton of great lessons in my 80-page Ebook. My course is designed for beginners to intermediate guitarist, but everyone progresses at his or her own pace, and you don’t have to compete with anyone. How quickly you progress will depend on how much time you spend on you practice.


“What if I’m not talented. Are there some people who just can’t learn guitar?”

This is a question I get all the time from my students at my guitar school. Most people really over rate the role of natural ability in learning a new skill like playing the guitar. Unless you are medically diagnosed as being tone deaf (which is very rare) you can learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar fast. The keys to being successful are quite simply good quality instruction from a qualified and experienced guitar teacher, practice, patience, and persistence.


“Will I learn to play songs?”

The answer is yes. The quickest way to learn a complex skill like playing guitar is by taking a simple song and practice it over and over. This is best done by learning the chords first and repeat them over and over until you can change from one to another easy. Then take those chords and strum along and sing the lyrics of the song.  Learning by playing songs is a good way to learn your chords and enjoy it while your doing so. And, I recommend you sing along with your guitar playing. I’ve created a series of short techniques and patterns that allow you to get the repetition you need in a more efficient way, and still sound good. 
Over a period of short time you will be able to learn songs quickly and easily by recognizing the strum patterns, and your fingers will know just what to do.


“What if I’m already playing guitar?”

That’s great! Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System will take you to that next level. It will help you straighten out any bad habits you may have learned and make everything you already know more useful.

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Q&A

“Am I too old to learn to play guitar? Won’t it take too long?”

You’re never too old to learn to play guitar for your own pleasure or to touch your family and friends with your music. Consider this – if you’re 62 now and are worried that it might take 3 years to play guitar, ask yourself this question – “how old will I be in 3 years if I don’t start learning the guitar? Would I rather be 62 and enjoying playing guitar or 65 and wishing I’d learned to play guitar?”


“I ‘m only a beginner on the guitar – I’m concerned that a lot of the material will be above my level.”

My Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System was created for beginners….by the end of these lessons you should have made significant progress and understand a lot more. And you can always go back to earlier material from a more intermediate lessons.


“Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System sounds great….what do I do if I’m still not sure?”

If you have a specific area of concern, then email me at I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an honest answer. Here’s the thing – if I don’t think Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System is for you, I’ll tell you. Don’t forget that you’re covered by my No Hoops No Hassles No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


“What Genres Of Music Do You Cover?”

I created the course to give you the ability to play most any style of  music – songs like classic rock, folk, blues, country, gospel, singer/songwriter, some pop-rock, some pop and even some jazzy tunes. I show you everything on an acoustic or nylon string guitar, but all of the fundamental materials can apply to playing electric guitar as well.  

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Most Asked Questions

Here’s some additional information:

Delivery:  My 80-page Ebook is delivered to you instantly via download link and is fully downloadable to your computer in a easy to read PDF format. It is also viewable online so you can take it with you anywhere you go.
Payment Methods: I accept most major credit cards. 
P.S. If you’re a beginner or intermediate guitar player, this is the ONLY course that caters especially to you. There’s 80-pages in my ebook chock full of my proven step-by-step guitar lessons. There’s lots of bang for your buck included – and don’t forget you’re covered by my No Hoops No Hassles No Questions Asked 90 Day Guarantee.

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