Guitar Care Tips

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Proper Guitar Care Tips – In this guitar lessons video, I discuss what are some of the proper ways to care for your guitar.

Since most guitars are made of WOOD, they are very sensitive to extreme temperature changes. Hot weather can cause your guitar to warp and even come apart. Try to avoid high temperatures and absolutely don’t leave your guitar in a car trunk or inside a car on a hot day.

When you get ready to travel on a plane, be sure to loosen your guitar strings. Also, have your guitar in a hardshell case to protect it.

After playing or practicing guitar, I recommend wiping your guitar down with a lint free cloth. Also, polish your guitar often with a high quality furniture polish or a guitar polish especially for guitars. DON’T USE ANY POLISH WITH SILICONE as an ingredient. It will tend to build up a residue on your guitar.

Never store your guitar in an uncontrolled climate.

Don’t put your guitar laying on a couch or bed where it can get knocked over easy.

When finished playing your guitar, if you don’t have a case to protect it, place it in a corner of your home with the strings facing towards the wall. This way, the guitar tuning machines won’t tend to go out of tune.

Clean your strings with a lent free cloth after playing. This will help the strings to stay fresh longer.

I hope these guitar care tips help.

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