Guitar Notes – How To Unlock The Guitar Finger Board – Beginner Guitar Lesson

In this beginner guitar lesson, we will be showing you guitar notes – and how go about unlocking the guitar fingerboard.

What is the absolute best and super simple way to learn the language of music as applied to the guitar fingerboard and notes.

Guitar notes are the answer to really accelerate your learning on the guitar, for most guitar players not knowing the different names of the notes and where they are located on the guitar fretboard is the so-called musical ‘banana peel’ that prevents their musical progress in playing guitar.

Learning the guitar notes help guitarist solve musical problems and find solutions away from the guitar by being able to visualize the guitar fingerboard and identify their options before they even pick up a guitar.

When the student guitarist uses a system of learning that connects guitar notes with the actual musical theory and directly applies this new information to the guitar fingerboard, the result is what I refer to as connected learning, new information is retained for instant recall when you need it.

In this video you are going to learn a proven system of creating long term memory for unlocking the fingerboard, as I use guitar notes location for scales, the chords and understanding musical theory behind it all.

You will learn how to quickly and easily remember the names of each of the notes and where they are located on the guitar fingerboard. You are shown my simple and easy way to learn guitar notes for beginner guitarists where you learn to know the music theory concepts when away from the guitar and then proceed to play the music on the guitar, in fact, there is not be an easier and more effective way to learn guitar notes for beginners.

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