How To Play Guitar Chords For Beginners – 3 Tips To Learn Barre Chords Easily

How To Play Guitar Chords For Beginners – 3 Tips To Learn Barre Chords EasilyBy Billie Wyatt

Barre chords are usually the big hurdle of how to play guitar chords for beginners. Many people stopped at this stage because they find it’s very difficult to play barre chords. They believe to play barre chords they should have big hands or strong hands with long fingers. That’s not true, everyone who wants to learn guitar can play barre chords.

Here are some tips that you can’t learn barre chords without going through all the frustration and enjoy playing guitar.

1. Analyze the chord first

When you learn a new barre chord don’t immediately try the chord on guitar. Analyze the chord first, what strings are played in this chord, which notes are used, what position is this chord, what fingers are involved, and how the chord shape look like. Get to know all of this information that will definitely help you to learn chords faster.

When you practice chords you don’t only learn how you should frets on the fingerboard you need to know all information above. Then you won’t get stock when you play chords, it will become a natural move when you play chord changes.

2. Use the weight of your arm

A lot of people quit guitar because of the barre chords. Barre chords are difficult to many beginners. Because it’s very hard to get all strings sound and it hurts fingers if you don’t know how to play correctly. Beginners often start to learn F chord as the first barre chord.

And they often can get all strings to sing. And their fingers are getting sore after few tries. And their arms are in great tension, they soon feel their arms are tired.

Actually, to fret the barred chord correctly you need to apply for the weight of your arm instead of adding strength to your hands and fingers. Due to the earth attraction, if you lift your arm in air and release the strength to hold it, it will fall naturally.

Because your arm has weight, so we need to take the advantage of this natural science. You can just add a little strength to your hand which just enough to make your hand hang on strings. Then you apply for the weight of your arm to press the strings.

If you are still having trouble with it you can adjust the guitar, let the fingerboard face up a little bit instead of facing to the front of you. So your left hand will have an angle with the fingerboard which is easier to hang your left hand on strings.

3. Don’t fret the strings you don’t need to

Another mistake beginners usually make is when they play a barre chord they try very hard to press every string to make sure they will make sound. This is a big energy waste of you. You don’t need to press every string to make the chord sound clear. For example, if you play a Bm chord, you don’t need to play the sixth string of your guitar.

So your left hand doesn’t need to fret the sixth string, your index finger just need to fret from first string to fifth string. Another tip is when you play a barre chord your index finger doesn’t need to press all strings with your strength.

Like the Bm chord again, the second, third and fourth strings are played by middle, pinky and ring fingers, only the first and fifth string is played by index finger. So you only need to add strength on the parts of your index finger which you press the first and fifth strings.

These tips can help you to save your time and avoid frustrations as a beginner. You will enjoy more than suffering from learning how to play guitar chords for beginner.

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