How to Play the First Song on Guitar

How to Play the First Song on Guitar
By Alan Borcic

Sam Lyons - a.k.a. The Master Of Teaching GuitarPlaying your first song on a guitar is unforgettable event for any guitar player. Like everyone remembers their first kiss, every guitar player remembers the first song played on a guitar. That memory is much more pleasant and memorable if the first song is one of guitar classics instead of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” It may be little more challenging to play “Comfortably Numb” as the first song, but sense of achievement and happiness will be much bigger with your favorite song.

There are few prerequisites required before attempting to play your first song on a guitar. You have to learn how to tune your guitar, how to read music from a tablature, and how to play basic chords on a guitar by heart. All of those will be useless without physical guitar, either acoustic or electric. Acoustic guitar costs less and it’s easier to learn for beginners. Don’t worry about different kind of guitars, simple acoustic guitar will be enough for beginning.

As a precaution, double check if your guitar is tuned properly, otherwise David Gilmour will not be able to get proper sound out of it. If you still didn’t learn how to tune it by ear, or you don’t have electrical tuner, just search Google for “online guitar tuner” and you will get quite few sites with online tuner which can help you tune your guitar properly.

Since you want to play one of your favorite songs, I am sure you know the melody and words by heart, so that will not be the problem.

A good start is to locate tablature for your favorite song if you already didn’t get them. Finding tablature is a simple task, just go to and search for “favorite song tablature.” For example, if I want to find tablature for “Comfortably Numb, I would type “comfortably numb tablature” in Google. And I would get back over 50 000 results.

Once you got favorite song tab, read it first to make sure you know all chords in there. If you don’t, you know what has to be done. Learn those chords since you can not play the song unless you know how to play all chords from that song with your eyes closed.

When you are sure you know all chords in your favorite song tab, start playing song chord by chord. It is much easier to practice little part of the song then the whole song. When you master the first part, only and only then, start practicing the second part. Patience is very important, and don’t skip parts, since you want to be able to play song as a whole, not to look for notes in the middle of the song.

When you finish practicing the whole song, then you are ready for grand finale, your first solo song.

Start from 1st chord, and simply flow through the song. Congratulations, you made it.

By the way, make sure that you have a fun all the time. What is the point of playing guitar if it is not fun?

And keep practicing, even 15 minutes per day. It will make huge difference in time. Practice makes it perfect.

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