Learn Guitar Online: 110% Bullet Proof Practice Strategies for the Time Starved Guitarist

Learn Guitar Online: 110% Bullet Proof Practice Strategies for the Time Starved Guitarist
By Mike P Hayes

I’m sure everyone understands the term bullet proof so let’s move forward and look a definition of the word strategy.

Strategy: A long-term action plan for achieving a goal.

The key to creating a 100% bullet proof practice session lies in the three W’s.

* What do you want to practice?

* Why do you want to practice it?

* When will you practice?

When you are clear about these questions nothing can stop you… from being successful; the only time they don’t work is if you are not clear on the answers.

That said, let’s jump in and sort this out once and for all!

What: Exactly what do you want to practice?

If you can answer this question you have taken the first step to forming the habit of creating effective and self motivating practice sessions. which in turn guarantees more successful practice sessions in the future.

Ask yourself (a) is it a motor skill I need to work on?

A motor skill is something that you already know but need to have muscle memory reinforced by repetition…


Is it a data memory skill I need to work on?

Data memory is something that you either (a) have not learned yet or (b) do not fully understand e.g., a theoretical concept.

Why: Ask yourself why do you want to learn/practice whatever it is that you intend to study.

Be honest with your self are you practicing to: (a) impress your new boyfriend/girlfriend; (b) to play at your 50th birthday party; (c) learn a new song for your band etc, etc.,

When: Decide when is the best time of the day when you can have CONSISTENT, focused practice; the keyword is consistent… haphazard practice sessions simply DO NOT work!

Remember: You are forming a habit, the habit of successful learning, Habits are not formed by haphazard actions.

To sum up! Success is determined by two factors:

1. Clarity of intent – (clearly defined written goals)

2. Force of will – (concentrated, focused, persistent action)

Closing thought: The longer you wait for the “future” the shorter it will be. Why wait? Why wonder “what if?” Do it now. No regrets.

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