Names Of The Open Guitar Strings

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In this beginner guitar lessons video, I am going to teach the names of the various open guitar strings on the guitar. I am also going to reveal a neat way to be able to remember their names.

It is important to know the names of each guitar string, as most guitar lessons will refer to these individual strings with their names.

They are E-6th string, A-5th string, D-4th string, G-3rd string, B-2nd string, small E-1st string. Notice you have two E strings. The 6th or big string E, and the 1st or little string E.

I wish you all the success in learning to play guitar.

Sam Lyons

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Hi, how’re you doing ? Sam here. In this little video today, we’re
going to be checking out the names of the open strings, i.e. what their note name is, for each one of these open friends.

Because eventually, we need to learn what the notes are all over the guitar and we’re going to start with these open strings.

So first of all, we need to create a little bit of space,
for me to stick a little neck diagram up, so if I just kind of lean over . Okay, about now, this little neck diagram and you’ll see there, E A D G B E.

And these are the names of the open strings.

And what I’ve just done is name them from the thickest string.

See, if I play it at the same time now, we’ve got E





and E again.

Of course noticing now that the two outside strings are both E’s. Which is why sometimes I call it the fat string or the thick string and the skinny string or the thin string because I can’t both call it the E string ’cause they’re both E strings.

Now, the thing that’s going to really help you remember the names of the open strings is to make up a funny little rhyme.

Now, the one that I used when I was growing up, was Easter Bunny Gets Drunk After Easter, which starts with the thin string: Easter Bunny Gets Drunk After Easter.

Now, this one for me if kind of funny, the idea of the easter bunny going around, delivering eggs to all of the bad kids, being a bit upset about it, going back to his little burrow and knocking off a bottle of Jack Daniels. I think it’s kind of fun.

So therefore, it was easier for me to remember. But you can make up any other rhyme that you like. There’s quite a few that I heard that I thought have been quite funny.

Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Elle which is Elle Macpherson, my favorite super model. So, Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Elle: my little tribute to the the wonderful Elle Macpherson.

We could have also, one of my students told me one, starting from the thick string:
Eddy Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddy. So that one is going from the thick strings. It really doesn’t matter. You can make up your own rhyme, so long as you have a rhyme that will help you remember the open string note names. And this is really important because very, very soon, we’re going to be starting to look at all of the note names and the notes in the open position. If you don’t know the open strings yet, it’s going to be kind of, well, next to impossible.