Notes On The Guitar Neck – Learn The Notes On The First String – Best Beginner Guitar Lessons

In this best beginner guitar lessons video tutorial, you will learn how to play the notes on the first string of the guitar neck.

For the advancing beginner guitarist it’s a must to know the names and location of the notes on the guitar neck, in fact that is the key to making good progress on the guitar. Basically, all theoretical studies on the student being able to instantly identify the names of the notes in a scale and their scale step numbers.

The guitarist who can visualize where the notes on a guitar neck are has a distinct advantage over other guitar players as they can mentally see and solve several solutions to musical problems before they even pick up the guitar.

When the guitarist starts to learn the notes positions on a guitar neck in a proper learning system by being able to relate the notes on the guitar neck with the notes on a keyboard, the ability to instantly remember the information is accelerated.

At a simple glance there appears to be an overwhelming amount of notes to learn on a guitar neck, but when in fact, most notes on a guitar neck are replicated in several different positions on the fingerboard.

In this beginner guitar lesson video you will learn a prove system that applies the language of music to the guitar fingerboard so that you can become a competent guitarist and also an knowledgeable musician.

You will learn how to quickly and easily remember the names of the notes and their place on the fingerboard. I will show you my simple way to learn notes on the guitar neck and solve musical problems away from the guitar and then play the song or riff on the guitar, in fact there isn’t an easier way to learning what the notes on a guitar neck are then this.

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