Online metronome for practicing speed on guitar

Below is a very simple online metronome which you can use for practicing your speed on the guitar. Here are some very important tips to keep in mind:

Always start slow, increase your playing speed only when you feel comfortable at the slower starting speed. If you are learning a new song (this refers especially to solos) I recommend to start at half of the original tempo. Remember, the metronome is always right on time – if you are off beat then just start over again.

Try to always practice using a metronome, whether you are playing by yourself or with friends.The tempo is shown in bpm (beats per minute). A I e a tempo of 60 = 60 beats per minute = 1 beat per second. A tempo of 120 is twice that amount – i e 2 beats per second. Learning how to use the metronome properly will greatly increase your playing knowledge.

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