Playing Guitar Chords Inside The Box

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When a beginner first starts to learn how to play the guitar, there is a tendency for their chording hand to slide up the neck as they are making their chord changes causing them to lose the chord position.

In my Best Beginner Guitar Lessons course, I have a great guitar tip that I have been teaching for years.

It’s called Playing Guitar Chords Inside The Box.

What this means is that I consider the box on the guitar neck to start at guitar nut at the top of the guitar where the guitar strings pass thru. Then down one side of the neck to the 3rd fret, across the 3rd fret to the other side of the guitar neck and back up to the guitar nut again. This is “inside the box”.

You would use this guitar tip when you are first starting out learning how to play the guitar. The chords you can use this with are C, C7, F, G7, G, D, Em, Am, D7, A7.

This should help you out in keeping your guitar chords on the proper frets.

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Sam Lyons

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