How to Remember the Chords to a Song – Easy Guitar Tutorial

In this Best Beginner Guitar Lessons guitar tutorial, I will answer the question how to remember the chords to a song?

A lot of guitar players struggle with remembering the guitar chords to a song, but there are a few tricks you can use to help yourself remember. The first tip is to take the song in chunks, such as the verse, chorus, bridge.

Using the numbers system works great also. You can use a rough chord chart by doing the 12 bars and remember, I would take it in sections, write out the chords in the order they are played in the intro, chorus, and bridge. By writing the chords out on a piece of paper this way, you will find this will help you out a lot to remember the chords to any song you want to play.

Also, once you get used to how individual chords sounds, this will also help you remember the chords. Hope this helps. I invite you to subscrie to my YouTube channel by clicking the link below. Please share also with your family and guitar playing friends.

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