How To Play Rhythm Guitar

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Learning how to play rhythm guitar is a fun time in your beginner guitar lessons journey.

Once you are able to play different types of rhythms for rock, country, jazz, gospel, and many more types of different rhythms, you will then be able to play your favorite songs no matter what type of rhythm pattern is required.

When trying to learn to play rhythm on your guitar, be sure and let your wrist relax and do most of the work and try not to let your forearm move much at all.

Also, hold the pick firm. I like to hold my pick between my thumb, ring finger, and middle finger. This gives me a nice firm grip using these three fingers.

Also, try and get use to using a thin pick. This will make it easier for the pick to flow thru the guitar strings and also make it quieter when strumming.

Let’s go play some rhythm guitar!!!


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