Ways To Tune A Guitar

Tuning A GuitarHere’s ways to tune a guitar for standard tuning – the strings from thickest to thinnest, should be tuned to the following notes:

• E – the thickest and lowest sounding string is known as the 6th     string

• A – the 5th string

• D – the 4th string

• G – the 3rd string

• B – the 2nd string

• E – the thinnest sounding string is known as the 1st string.

There are a couple of ways to tune a guitar:

• Use a good electronic guitar tuner such as the ones reviewed here.

• Tune by ear – This page has detailed instructions with photos.

• Use another instrument like a piano to play the notes and tune the strings by ear.

See the tuning by ear page for more info.

Have a look at 10 Guitar Tuning Tips to enhance your knowledge about when and how to tune. It’s a quick read and will greatly help you understand some fundamentals behind tuning…

Also, if you need to restring your guitar or are replacing some broken strings have a look at this step-by-step guide on how to string a guitar.