So you are having problems with learning guitar…

I Get It! I’ve Been There Before too!

* Your hands hurt
* Your fingers hurt
* You don’t have the time
* You get stuck on something and get frustrated
* You can’t seem to “get it” as well as others
* You don’t know basic music theory so you can’t jam out with your friends

I could go on and on about what you are having problems with in becoming a guitar master or as I like to call it becoming a Guitar Ninja.

This is where I step in and help you every step of the way.

Read More Below To See What My Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System Students Are Saying…

****Now Can Actually Play My First Song**
Sam’s Beginner Guitar Training course was the perfect thing to get me going on the guitar. You learn chords, how to use a capo, how to read Tab and so much more ! It’s simple to follow and I can now actually play my first song! Thanks Sam! **Gary Pilgrim**

****Helped Me Immensely**
I have been using your best beginner course and it has helped me immensely I’m 58 years old and have been playing a few years and this has really boosted my learning! Thank you. **Desachen**

****I Believe In You and your course**
Perhaps the most important thing is your commitment to your people. A lot of teachers say they’ll always communicate with you and with a lot of people that’s noise and always dependent on their schedules. You have responded to me quickly, sincerely. I believe in you! Peace and blessings, **David Barnes**

****Doing This For Me And My Grandchildren**
Hello Sam – I’m a 68 year old man with lot of time on my hands, I work around the house doing minor repairs, spend some time in the garden, but I needed something else. That’s when I decided to start learning to play the guitar. In the past I have sort of played a little bit, if you could call it that. I decided to start learning from scratch and try and do it the right way. I visited several sites, that’s when I came upon your site and course and I have been following your lessons ever since. I’m doing this for me, and my grandchildren to show them that you can learn at any age. I admit at times I have a hard time, but I put in my 15 minute every day. I have made some progress, thanks to you. **Luis**

****You go into a lot of detail. Great course.**
I liked the difference you make between practicing and actually playing the guitar. **Christine Reed**

****Thank you once again for offering up such a wonderful guitar system**
Hi Sam, Just a friendly comment.  I decided near the end of last year that I would like to learn to play guitar.  I turned 50 and asked my wife to get me a guitar last Christmas.  She bought me a Fender CD60CE acoustic electric. I found your website on Monday and would like to say thank you first off it is exactly what I have been looking for.  I wish I had found it 8 months ago.  I had been bouncing around thru at least 5 or 6 different sites.  All of which have great information, but they have no step by step instruction on how to proceed or practice on any of them. I’m done changing sites now and look forward to learning to play with your guidance. **Jim Dobish**

****Thanks for creating The Best Beginner Guitar Lessons System, having Fun In My Retirement**
Hi Sam, Just wanted to say THANKS. I played guitar (not very well) 50 years ago and stopped because of school, work and family duties. Just bought a used guitar and with your help am on my way to having fun in my retirement. **Dave K.**

****Helped Simplify Complex Chords. Glad you joined the business of guitar teacher**
Your Best Guitar Lesson System helped me get through those tough to handle theories as well as simplifying complex chords in easy to learn pictures as well as explanations. Keep up the good work. Best regards, **Frederick Ahne**

****Never too late to learn guitar**
Your guitar lessons have taken me from knowing nothing about a guitar to being able to play chords, read and play tab and even play a few songs. I am 58 years old so its never too late to get started. I would tell everyone to give guitar a try and find out how much fun it can be. Thanks for everything Sam. **Sincerely Richard Runser**

****Great Teaching, Excellent Pace, Great Teacher**
Sam is excellent in his presentation. I am glad I found this course and am learning a lot already. Thank you Sam for the work you are doing. I am new to guitar with zero knowledge about anything guitar. I like how Sam starts with the very basics and then through to playing. This is true teaching and like being in a proper class, except its better as its one to one. If you are a complete novice like me, take this course. **Tamarau**

****I Love The Lay Out Of The Course**
I am still going back to pick up on stuff I need to remember , I love the way the course is laid out as I found other courses very dull and sometimes very difficult to follow , I love this course and would recommend it to all who want a simple fun way to learn ! Thanks Sam ! **John Carvery**

****I CAN finally play my electro-acoustic guitar, yahoooooo!!!!**
Hi Sam. After following your guitar lessons for just about a month or so, YES I can really play my guitar, which has been in and out it’s case in the cupboard for the passed 55+ years. Ya know, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Bill Hayley & Comets, BB King, Eric Clapton need I go on? I have tried various on-line tutors, and finally when I had just decided to try your system Sam as a last attempt, YOU Sam, yes You SAM have given me a new hobby which will last me to the end of my days until my toes curl-up!! I CAN PLAY THE GUITAR. It was your course of instruction that made me “PRACTICE~PRACTICE~PRACTICE”.
HaHaHa I can hardly contain myself, even at my time of life.
Thank-You SAM LYONS, YOU SIR ARE A *****STAR*****.
Kindest of Regards. **Brian (United Kingdom)**

****Answered All My Questions, Sam is the best**
… Sam’s lessons have been so helpful to me as an MS patient. He gave me the encouragement I needed to get started and helped me through his support by answering even the questions that I thought sounded silly in my head. You owe it to yourself to check out his Best Beginner Guitar Lessons. Otherwise you just won’t know what you are missing! **Lisa Hammerstein**

****I like Sam’s down to earth basics of teaching****
I have finally found an instructor who takes u thru step by step, helping u to learn along the way. I really enjoy your down to earth basics of teaching. It keeps me encouraged to keep trying. You help me to press forward and not stop trying. Thanks Mr. Sam
**Linda Brewer**

****Hi Mr. Sam, Thank you so much for offering your lessons!**
You take the time to really explain things thoroughly, and it is as though you can see us – you already know the mistakes we are making and you help us troubleshoot. Also, with us being from Texas and you being from Louisiana, we appreciate the fact that you do not talk too fast for us to keep up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! **Erin – Texas**

****The lessons are simple to understand**
I tried to play guitar over twenty years ago, got frustrated and gave it up. Now I am 41 years old and starting over. I have tried a couple of other websites and learned a little. Then I found the lessons by Sam Lyons and I am very happy to see that I can follow an entire course all the way through, at my own pace to get to where I want to be as a guitar player. I have only been using these lessons for a short time and I am very pleased with the results so far. The lessons are simple to understand even as a beginner and I am just having fun learning now. **Brian Tipton**